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After the battle of Saipan, American found out how ill prepared they were to handle a large number of refugees. Within days of the start of the battle of Saipan the two-square-mile Camp Susupe was created to house 13,000 Japanese civilians and another 5,000 Chamorros, Koreans and Kanakas. The local inhabitants were later moved further south to Camp Chalan Kanoa. For shelter the inhabitants of Camp Susupe salvaged building materials from the rubble of the Japanese sugar mill on the site and clothing was salvaged from captured Japanese army supplies. Supplies from America were being sent to the front further to the west and even the American soldiers on Saipan were short on supplies. When the camp closed in 1947 many of the indigenous people remained in this part of Saipan. Today the site of Camp Susupe remains as a housing subdivision.

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