American: 1944 - present

Saipan changed hands once again during WWII. The island's close location to the Japanese homeland made the conquest of Saipan an American military necessity. Saipan is the only foreign owned land concurred by the U.S. in WWII which is still under the American flag. Today Saipan is one of the islands called the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.

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David Newey said...

My Dad was a photographer and photo lab tech on Saipan 1944. You can see some of his pictures on my Flickr site. Enjoy

EW Johnson said...

That's great David. Thank you for saving and making your father's photos public. As a child I remember seeing my grandfather's WWII pictures from New Guinea and Manila. I wish I had them now so I can digitalize and upload them as I fear they may become lost forever.

Richard Buchmiller said...

I lived on Saipan from late 1946 to early 1949. I was 6 years old in 1946 and my father was a US soldier during the battle.

I would like to know where the Army quonsets for dependents was located. I have forgotton where I lived.

I also have several dozen photos taken on the island during that time that you may be interested in.

Look for me on Facebook.

EW Johnson said...

Hi Richard. I would love to see those pictures. I was not able to find out which Facebook page is yours. If I know what your Dad's job was or where he worked I would be able to get you some pictures of what the area looks like today.

I have lived in Saipan since 1996 and enjoy learning about the amazing history of this island. This is a collection photographs that I believe to be public domain. If you have rights to a photograph on this website and wish for me to remove it or if you would like to add a photograph to the collection, please let me know. Thank you.