Air Field 22

This B-29 graveyard is at Tinian's North Field, two miles south of Saipan, in 1946. Bulldozers were always waiting at the ends of the runways. Any problem with takeoff or landing and the B-29's were bulldozed off the runway to keep the flow moving.
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Pre Contact Shell Necklace

This is an ancient Chamorro shell necklace bead called ålas or salape found on a beach in Saipan. This dates back to pre-contact also called pre-Spanish times which was before the year 1668. Once the Spanish arrived all Chamorros were converted to Christianity and Western clothing and jewelry was mandatory. Overnight the Spanish erased the ancient tradition. I am surprised that these artifacts can still be found on the beach 350 to 3,000 years later. These beads were also used as currency and a sign of one's wealth or status. Luckily all artifacts in Saipan are protected.
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Pre Contact Cave Drawings 2

People and turtles?
Drawings found in a remote, hard to get to cave in Saipan. This cave did have Japanese WWII artifacts but this drawing could have been a thousand years earlier. Outside the cave is an undocumented latte stone site that could date back at least a thousand years.
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Sugar Mill Flag

JA Beiser was attached to the 4th Marines and was among the first to reach the Sugar Mill. This flag was attached to the flagpole laying on the ground and he still has it.

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Saipan Beacon 15 August 1945

EXTRA Saipan Beacon
Japs Quit
War Ends
World War II Over Today
Saipan Celebrates Victory
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