Pre Contact: 1500 BC - 1521 AD

Saipan was among the first islands to be settled in the remote Pacific area. It is believed that the original settlers sailed from what is now Taiwan or the Philippines 3500 - 4000 years ago. Evidence has been found suggesting that the original villages were on the beaches of the southern most part of Saipan. Later, the population expanded further north and even to the northern islands. Drawings of villages and people in Saipan were made by the early Western contacts.

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Ancient artifacts are still found in Saipan, mostly on the Western coast. Here are some human bones found during construction projects.

Latte stones were a mystery to the Spanish explorers. It is now believed that huts were built on top of these stones but, even in 1638 when the Spanish first documented the sites, latte stone construction had long since been abandoned.

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