Surrender 17

Captain Oba and his men remained in hiding in Saipan for a year and a half after the Battle of Saipan. That was six months after WWII ended.
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Koji said...

Is it also possible to get a higher rez scan of this image, too? Thank you.

EW Johnson said...

Hi Koji. Yes, this is another of my websites. What a coincidence, I just returned from watching the "Oba" movie when you wrote your comment. I have lots of pictures of this event from an American soldier who was here at that time.

I have lived in Saipan since 1996 and enjoy learning about the amazing history of this island. This is a collection photographs that I believe to be public domain. If you have rights to a photograph on this website and wish for me to remove it or if you would like to add a photograph to the collection, please let me know. Thank you.